There are millions of properties & products out there. Most look the same. We continuously seek out the ones that don’t.
Great design gets lost online
We are a group of like-minded people who value travel, property, furniture and objects by the quality of their design, functionality and aesthetic as well as their environmental impact.
We champion partners who tread more lightly in the world. We aim to bring to the forefront those retreats, products and pioneers who preserve our valuable resources for the future. The plane icon and eco-pioneer tags on our Spaces To Book listings will allow you to easily offset your own carbon footprint when travelling and recognise the properties who are taking measures to reduce their own. As our journey progresses in the business world, so will our mission to further invest in forward-thinking and sustainable technology and practices. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every booking made via our Kobu direct booking listings.
"I'm in love with this site"
HELEN STROUD, DESIGNER / soho house / bergman & mar
"Kobu has found a niche in the market that we believe has huge potential"
"It’s not your standard hotel and Real Estate platform; the curation is highly focused on design and the scene is a clever marketplace that allows users to replicate the design at home"
Boutiquologie - Former Mr and Mrs Smith Curators

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