Carlo Scarpa – Brion Cemetery

By Helen Stroud 10th June 2020

Walking into Brion Cemetery I instantly got goose pimples. Not so far from Treviso and about an hour from the city centre of Venice, in San Vito d’Altivole, you can find the masterpiece of Carlo Scarpa: the Brion Tomb and Sanctuary. Carlo Scarpa (June 2, 1906 – November 28, 1978) is one of the most controversial and underappreciated architects of the 20th century.


He is best known for his instinctive approach to materials, combining time-honoured crafts with modern manufacturing processes. The cemetery stands at more than 2,000 square meters: an L-shaped land along two sides of the cemetery of San Vito d’Altivole. The monument has two entrances, one facing directly onto the street, the other located inside the cemetery; both through a walkway decorated with symbolic meanings, you reach the place of actual burials, the tombs of Brion spouses. The symbolism recalls the concepts related to conjugal love and indissolubility of loving bond.



We spent the majority of our day here, it was quiet and peaceful and a place specifically used to meditate. It was incredible to see a building I have been looking at on sites like Pinterest for years, seeing it in the flesh was such a humbling experience.



As mentioned before, it takes roughly an hour from Venice by car and takes around half a day to explore, but it’s totally worth it.

Photos by: Helen Stroud

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