Building beautiful aesthetics

Anyone with an eye for the aesthetic would agree that ‘saying no to ugliness’ is a decent strategy when it comes to designing buildings. Well, that’s precisely what the Builder Better Building Beautiful Commission (try saying that after five pints) is advocating. This article from Dezeen details what the commission is forwarding. Read here.

Pioneers: Lilium Air Taxis

Just when you thought Uber Pool was the final frontier in transportation, an electric jet comes along and changes everything. Lilium are a German start up looking to revolutionise the way we travel with their new five-seater jet-powered electric air taxi. Yes that does sound pretty nuts. Read on for the lowdown from Dezeen.  

London Fields: 7 picks on our radar

Once upon a time, people wouldn’t dare to even cross big bad London Fields unless travelling in a mob. But times have gone and changed and now it seems like people never actually leave London Fields. In artisan bakeries beneath railway arches, upscale bars on rooftops and cosy pubs on street corners you’ll find plenty […]

5 Foodie Picks of Bologna

The Italians are renowned for rustling up some of the most delicious dishes the world has the pleasure of experiencing – and no city does it better than Bologna. This gorgeous little city, lined with covered walkways and decorated with spiralling medieval towers, serves as both a historic landmark and the food capital of Italy.  […]

Off The Beaten Track: Tanna, Vanuatu.

Tanna is one of the many islands of Vanuatu: a country in the South Pacific. With a population of just over 6000 and three spoken languages on the island, Tanna is a varied and mysterious place – steeped in culture and rife with exotic rainforests, beautiful black beaches and underwater blue caves. On its south […]

On Our Radar: Obonjan Island – Like Fyre fest, but real (and for adults)

On Obonjan, a 136-acre private island conveniently located off the coast of Northern Dalmatia in Croatia, a summer-long knees-up is about to commence. From June 20th to September 2nd, Obonjan becomes a sanctuary for yogis, glampers and clubbers alike, with daily wellness workshops, endless yoga, and resident DJs. Check their promo video for more details.

On Our Radar: Meadows in the Mountains – a wondrous Bulgarian eco-festival

Dubbed, “like no other festival on earth”, Meadows in the Mountains is a weekend-long celebration of wellness, tradition and nature in the dreamy and ethereal Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. Bulgarian folk culture and music is woven into the fabric of all things weird and wonderful here. A place of freedom and exceptional natural beauty, fringed […]

How To… Live Forever?

The authors of ‘Fantastic Voyage: How to live long enough to live forever’ claim that we are a mere fifty years away from the kind of science that really will change the world and ageing forever (assuming the world still exists). That’s all well and good, but what about now? We’ve delved deep into the […]

The other places: Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is found nearly halfway down the Caribbean Riviera of Mexico. Surrounded by Yucatan jungle and bordering the huge Sian Ka’an nature reserve, this ultra laid-back town boasts perfect blue ocean and soft fine sand. Despite the increase in tourism over the past 30 years (it’s rivalling nearby Cancun with tourism revenue only without the […]

Umi hotel – Comfort and luxury at the foot of an Icelandic volcano

The concrete facade of UMI simultaneously blends with the mountain face that looms behind and stands apart from it. A clever juxtaposition of the man-made and the natural. Which typifies UMI really. The entire design, inside and out, takes inspiration from its surroundings while maintaining that luxury feel you need after a day of exploring […]

Spotlight: Alexi Marshall – Emerging artist challenging female stereotypes

From her North London studio, Alexi Marshall readies herself for her debut solo exhibition by finishing her impressive body of work: a collection composed of print, fabric, drawings and embroidery. Alexi draws on symbolism and references from biblical texts, mysticism and Mexican and Trinidadian folklore to challenge female archetypes. She seeks to re-define – and […]

What to Buy: Eau de Eco

In the rise of conscious consumerism, we’re finding ourselves faced with problematic dilemmas left, right and centre. Whether it be packaging, airmiles or simply being utterly unaware of what goes into the stuff we’re spraying onto our skin, rubbing on our teeth or massaging into our hair, choices are tough. Consequently the demand for cruelty-free […]

Spotlight: The Worldwide Tribe – A collective making a difference

In a period spanning nearly five years, the European refugee crisis has claimed the lives of millions of civilians fleeing danger and persecution from the Middle East and the African continent. More often than not, those who remain have had their rights and privileges stripped along with their humanity. However, where there is rain, there […]

The Other Places: Valencia, Spain.

Valencia, an architectural juxtaposition of tradition and the ultra-modern, could have jumped straight out of a sci-fi novel. Put the labyrinth of meandering streets and cathedrals next to space-age structures, like the Ciudad de les Artes y las Ciencias, and it’s easy to where the city gets its ‘whatever goes’ vibe. It might not get […]

Top 3: Hotels on the Water

Purity. Clarity. Calmness. Abundance. New beginnings. Water has its own special significance in every culture worldwide. It’s long been used in the design and architecture of homes, offices and public spaces across Asia to promote the flow of Ch’i (nature’s natural energy). Whatever your beliefs, that ethereal feeling of staring out to sea or meandering […]

The Other Places: Singapore

The classic transit destination,  Singapore is a common stopover for those travelling from Europe and America to ‘The East’. But it’s rarely seen as a destination in its own right. A new generation of foodies, designers, architects and artists are starting to change that reputation. Not only that, but it also has an outstanding public transport […]

The Other Places: Ghent, Belgium

There’s a square by the fish market in Ghent called Sint-Veerleplein, which is also known to locals as Death Square. It is where the executions used to take place. Now, each time a baby is born in one of Ghent’s three maternity wards, the streetlights in the square flicker to welcome new life into the […]