What to Buy: UK candle brands to ignite your senses

By Lucy May 28th April 2019

Scents evoke memories, transport you to another time, another environment, another feeling that you can’t quite place. You live and engage through smell and natural essences can even balance the body. Candles are one of the best ways to bring essential oils into your home, whether to energise or to calm. These UK businesses are taking on the big brands and their artificial scents with passion and natural ingredients.


Hand poured with 100% natural soy wax, these candles are made in small batches so that each one is perfect. HOBO are passionate about the ingredients that go into their candles – so much so that their new range uses nothing but pure essential oils.


Co-founders Simon and Gavin created Fellowstead from a curiosity about the way smells evoke feelings. Based in Peckham, South London, Fellowstead focus on simple and natural ingredients in each of their heavenly candles.

Urban Apothecary

Carefully handcrafted in Leicestershire, Urban Apothecary candles are made by artisans who keep their blends top secret. The high quantities of fragrance in each one means that they burn for longer and with a much richer scent than your average candle.


Wideye’s belief is that natural, ethical beauty products should be affordable, gender neutral and appeal to all age groups. We are particularly drawn to their soy wax candles.

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