Top 3: Hotels on the Water

By Rebecca Radley 11th March 2019

Purity. Clarity. Calmness. Abundance. New beginnings. Water has its own special significance in every culture worldwide. It’s long been used in the design and architecture of homes, offices and public spaces across Asia to promote the flow of Ch’i (nature’s natural energy). Whatever your beliefs, that ethereal feeling of staring out to sea or meandering down the river in a boat, is hard to deny. The people behind these water retreats have harnessed this emotion in their properties and created an atmosphere of tranquility for you to escape into.

1. X2

X2 (pronounced cross-to) River Kwai is located at the most beautiful stretch of the Kwai Noi River, with its spectacular view and backdrop of mountain ranges and blue sky. Travelling to the Kanchanaburi resort, one will pass by rice paddy fields, sugar cane plantations, local temples and villages which are the signature scenery of Kanchanaburi. The resort is located on 2 acres (6 Rai) of prime riverside location with every room offering uninterrupted panoramic river views over the idyllic countryside.

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2. Manshausen Island

Remotely located on Manshausen Island, this property offers impressive sea or mountain views from each unit. Guests can relax in the open-air wooden hot tub and take a dip in the adjacent saltwater dam. There is also a bar on site. Nordskot is 550 yards away.

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3. Hotel Palafitte

Built on stilts, Hôtel Palafitte is in a unique location – quite literally on Lake Neuchâtel, the largest lake in Switzerland. Like the lake which inspired it, Hôtel Palafitte follows the rhythm of nature, season after season. Open and bright in summer, the hotel exudes an increasingly warm atmosphere once the temperatures drop. This natural balance seems to embrace guests as soon as they arrive.

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