La Valise San Miguel

La Valise San Miguel is a restored hotel that marries old-world elegance with contemporary design.

La Valise San Miguel
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La Valise San Miguel is a restored hotel that marries old-world elegance with contemporary design.

The classic structure blends in with the local architecture, complementing the surrounding beauty and hiding a true oasis within it. Its polychromatic spaces highlight the uniqueness of Mexican craft and Aztec symbolism, further decorated with an ensemble of contrasting modern accents and thoughtful bulbous fixtures. The distinct shapes unite the post-romantic marriage of styles in a nook of past and present.

The Details

What makes it Kobu

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La Valise San Miguel has been intervened by Mexican-Italian artist Pedro Friedberg, leaving his signature on the wall embossments across the hotel suites. Like this, we embrace the power of art and embody our spaces with the power of imagination. The artist and designer is known for his surrealist work filled with lines, colors and ancient and religious symbols.
At heart is a courtyard oasis where time ceases to exist and melts away in the soft sway of the lemon trees, sounds of water and gentle sunshine. A double Chichimeca staircase is at the helm of the garden, framing its ancient cultural omens. They tie together the aesthetics of the architecture with the unique elements of design, including furniture pieces, textiles, objet’s d’art, and local materials for an intimate, calid atmosphere of home.
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Aeropuerto Internacional de Querétaro (QRO)

1h 20min by car

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