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How To… Live Forever?

By Clint Gomez
1st May 2019

The authors of Fantastic Voyage: How to live long enough to live foreverclaim that we are a mere fifty years away from the kind of science that really will change the world and ageing forever (assuming the world still exists). That’s all well and good, but what about now? We’ve delved deep into the realms of science and bio-hacking and have come up with a couple of futuristic health tools you might want to try.


The latest groundbreaking drug developed by Harvard Scientists, this claims to replenish the youthful molecules that our bodies lose as we age. Given the fact the the professor in this video looks about 12 but is, in fact, 50, they may well be onto something. Watch this fascinating interview with Joe Rogan here.

Infrared sauna

The results of a recent study based over a twenty year period show a 40% decrease in non-accidental mortality for men who use a sauna between 4-7 times per week (see video here.) Saunas are habitual for our Nordic neighbours and these days infrared saunas are the next level up. Beware of brands who use toxic materials – we found Clearlight the company to trust. They have the lowest EMF/ELF on the market, a lifetime warranty for residential use, and unique carbon heaters which were invented by the company and are patented in the USA.



Originally developed by NASA scientists, after the first astronauts in space became unwell due to being outside of the Earth’s magnetic field, this mat takes the concept of lying on the earth into your home. Back in the day, we used to gather much more of this essential force by being in touch directly with the ground with bare feet. These days, with rubber soles and concrete flats we don’t get enough, which is why you’ll often find yourself feeling relaxed and sleepy if you lie by a lake on a warm summers day as the body recharges. Similarly, this mat creates a deeply relaxing state and deals with a host of health issues.


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