Ad Lib – Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, From £64


Hidden from the bustle of Sukhumvit in an alley cul-de-sac, behind the curtain of a majestic banyan tree lies the urban oasis of Ad Lib.

Enter through the large wooden door into an air-conditioned, glass-encased lifestyle space. The lobby/kitchen/bar all integrate seamlessly with oversized sofas and cushions galore that beckon one to flop down, relax and soak up the space. Blends of woods, glass and marble are framed further by the outer lounge and dining space with grand green walls of plant tendrils that cascade down to create the ultimate feeling of city escapism.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Light:

Magnificent slabs of glass seamlessly intersect to create the ultimate casing to contain this beautiful hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows line the entire restaurant and feature heavily throughout the rest of the property; they work not only do they create an open and fresh atmosphere. The windows also draw buckets of natural light in and illuminate the Ad Lib in all its glory.

The Lines

The architectural lines of the Ad Lib hotel are elongated to the very height of elegance, and often the furnishings are made to fit the same seductively sleek style. From the lengthy lobby to the endless infinity pool, which looks out across the city, the entire place seems to be extended to perfection, and the property’s lines are drawn to offer sophisticated spaces for you to relax in.

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