Agriturismo I Pini – San Gimignano

San Gimignano, Italy, From £480
Eco 2


Right amidst the glistening olive groves and the majestic vineyards, not too far from the historic centre of San Gimignano, you can find Agrivilla I Pini; a vegan retreat, a winery, a historic estate. Here you will be offered tranquillity and privacy in abundance. The Villa has undergone a natural restoration and now shines with its a new ecological design. Combining luxury and landscapes, it makes for the perfect little natural escape.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


The Agrivilla I Pini is not a place that you just randomly stumble upon. The small vegan winery wants to be discovered, far away from the bustling streets of the old town centre of San Gimignano. Off the beaten track from tourists that seek their way through the narrow alleys. Tucked away on a small hill, quiet and intimate with nature, Pini is a place where time has stopped. Once you pass the majestic entrance gate beneath the high growing pine trees, you sense that you will spend your days stressless in a place that makes you feel like home.

The Sustainability

As a homage to Tuscany's incomparable rolling countryside and the pure thrill of a landscape, this hotel takes sustainability and ecology very seriously. The Villa uses organic and local produce, free from pesticides, water which is heated by solar energy, and roofs which are insulated by a combination of clay, chalk and hemp. Best of all, though is their little ‘bee hotels’ which have been created to look after the local bees; who play such a vital role in our planet.

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