Alchemy Villa – Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain, From £745


Alchemy has been described as one of the most stylish homes to have been built in Mallorca in the last 20 years. From the moment they drive through the electric gates, guests soon realise they are leaving the real world behind in favour of a peaceful & calming Utopia - when Love Island isn't being filmed there, that is.

This luxurious and unique contemporary version of the traditional finca is the embodiment of chic design. It draws influences from the Moorish and Far Eastern philosophies, spread over 450 sqm within an impressive plot.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Alchemy’s owner and award-winning Mallorquin architect Andrau Bennassar, worked to create a perfect example of stunning liveable and contemporary architecture. A structure crafted from high-quality materials in new and exciting ways creates a space removed from the tides of time and fashion, delivering exquisite luxury.

The Art

The owner's personal collection of artwork by celebrated photographers such as Helmet Newton is attention-grabbing, to say the least. Often of nude models, the artist plays with the way our eyes are inherently drawn to nudity in a toss-up between curiosity and voyeur.

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