Azulik – Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, From £367


Imagine a sanctuary protected by pure energies. Imagine your tribe, dancing and playing, looking for spiritual medicine. The one that leaves us bright and focused. The one that leads us to find our own answers.

For more than 14 years, Azulik has been about the importance of reconnection with oneself. Looking for introspection and the essence of happiness. Listening and respecting the natural environment.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Honouring Nature

The meandering wooden pathways that snake through the jungle, up to the restaurant, down to the wellness centre and across to the private beach area, incorporate and honour the surrounding jungle. From the first, you feel the presence of nature in each experience. Wake up to find indigenous birds like the Chachalaca on your balcony or listen out for the gentle trickle of water always present underfoot.

In Balance

As an eco-hotel, you won't find any light switches or hairdryers here. You have one plug socket per room for the exclusive use of charging your phone. Around 5 pm every evening, staff come to each room and light a dozen candles. You find yourself becoming in sync with the rise and setting of the sun, falling back into nature's natural cycle. Soft candlelight also means hatching turtles on the beach don't get drawn to any synthetic lights they mistake for the moon.

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