Be Marrakech – Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco, From £88


BE Marrakech is where the paths of the past and the present collide. Where Moroccan design blends with nature and bohemian style to create a serene and spiritual bolthole in the busy city of Marrakech.

Each riad has its own particular style. "The Oasis" is full of plants, patterns and colours, all inspired by nature. While "The Essence" breaks everything down to the essentials of life - traditionally handcrafted woodwork on the doors combined with graphical patterns and classical Moroccan tile work in black, white, green and mustard.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The colours

BE believes that beauty is unique and no two roses are the same. Each room is individually styled. Disruptive to the conventionality of hoteling, where behind each door is another version of what went before. Drawing inspiration from flowers and spices, all rooms are expertly styled and full of Moroccan influence.

The corners

BE understands that in a city like Marrakesh, where sights, sounds and smells are all a bombardment to the senses, it's important to create peace. The beauty of the riad, in its nature, is that you have an enclosed portion of the city to yourself. Find a corner here and make it your own. Take a book and read it with your toes dipped in the courtyard pool or tuck-up in a hammock on the roof.

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