Budapest houseboat – Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, £423,000
Eco 3


This 27-meter long and 7-meter wide barge was purpose-built as a floating home in 2012-2014. The deck is more or less 180m2, while the accommodation offers over 140m2 internal space. This comprises of a large living room and kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry and a library. The interior design is simple yet highly functional and comfortable. The interior is mostly panelled with pine wood. There are large windows all around and also three skylights that flood the entire home with natural light. The master bathroom features a unique, custom made wooden bathtub.

Above the living room, there is a beautiful rooftop garden with perennial plants and flowers. If you dream of a peaceful, independent life with nature on your doorstep, this is what you need. This boat is also perfect if you wish to move your working space or studio off land.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Renovation

Previous owners and developers acquired and “up-cycled” this huge military barge in 2012. Taking two years to complete using repurposed parts, and drawing from their own experience as boatbuilders and keen design enthusiasts. Having built this boat as a home, not just a project, the owners ensured every last detail has been meticulously thought through and make to be comfortable and liveable.

The Sustainability

Living sustainably goes hand in hand with those seeking an alternative lifestyle. As well as having a “green-roof” the boat is self-sufficient in terms of energy and water, using only renewable sources with the boats huge solar panels and energy-efficient solutions.