Casa das Penhas Douradas Hotel & SPA – Manteigas

Manteigas, Portugal, From £108


At an altitude of 1500m, everything takes on a different light. Take a deep breath of the crisp, clear air of Serra da Estrela and feel the complete silence and tranquillity. Let your gaze be lost in the vast horizons. Feel the mountain’s presence and let yourself be swept away in the Nature that is all around you.

Serra da Estrela is the first mountain resort in Portugal, a place of great beauty and charm, where you can find unique exemplars of 19th-century mountain architecture.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Adventure

There is no mistake in regards to the incredible situation of the Casa, surrounded by Serra da Estrela Natural Park; the outside offers seasons filled with colours, textures, sounds. An understated piece of Portugal which captures the heart of all who come to visit. Not only does the park host mountains for scaling and skiing but lakes for kayaking and wild swimming. There are boundless adventures to be had.

The Style

There is something familiar about this place. The bright colours feel calm somehow, and the subtle design features that tie into the region’s unique history create a sense of home. Both the modern architecture and the effortlessly scandi interiors are strong but subtle, sitting atop the valley below, exuding a kind of pride that doesn't shout, but instead whispers.

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