Casa Modesta – Moncarapacho

Quatrim do Sul, Portugal, From £123


The welcome you receive here will fill you with the same joy as you felt running to your grandparent's arms when you were little.

Grandfather, an 'old sea dog' called Joaquim Modesto de Brito (known to all as 'The Champ) was the foundation of this project. So many memories inhabit these walls and grounds that his grandchildren couldn't allow them to get lost.

This is how Casa Modesta was born. It combines rural tourism with a contemporary feel, manifested in nine rooms with private patios. The essence of family, tradition and memories are drawn from the soil and cemented within these walls.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


From the ground up, Casa Modesta was built using traditional knowledge and architectural culture inherited from past generations. During the design and construction, they translated ancestral legacies to a contemporary language, inspired by local art and design.

Nurture and nature

Rural and open, at Casa Modesta, it's hard to ignore the embrace of nature. This is an important aspect here and trickles down into all that they do. There's a garden filled with organically grown vegetables and a solarium where time flows with the tides.

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