Club Marvy – Ozdere

Menderes İzmir, Ozdere, Turkey, From £140
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Club Marvy is not an escape from daily life, but a return to a life that can be lived rightly. A meeting point of luxury and freedom, this 5-star beachfront hotel offers guests modern accommodation under a mile from Ozdere city centre.

Surrounded by the natural wonder of Kesre Bay, where palm trees sway in the wind and sand beaches stretch before the sparkling sea, Club Marvy is in the perfect place to create the sweetest holiday memories.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Culture

Inspired by its environment and roots within the regional culture, Club Marvy is conscious to establish itself as more than a hotel, but an active participator in the local art scene by hosting exhibitions and workshops run by local artists. As a guest here, you are invited to feed your soul and tantalise your cultural senses by engaging with the local art and traditions; to connect with both the past and the present of Ozdere.

The Food

With an emphasis on sourcing local products, and adopting traditional principles and craftsmanship throughout the hotel, Marvey has created their own culinary concept. By bringing rich, wholesome, homemade food and Agean street taste together on the same table, the variety of flavours savour this unique culture enriched with fresh products from the region in the best way.

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