Coqui Coqui Coba – Quintana Roo

Cobá, Mexico, From £168


Deep within the verdant jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula, on the banks of a tranquil lagoon in Quintana Roo, Mexico, you’ll discover the small village of Coba.

Inspired by the nearby Mayan ruins, Coqui Coqui Coba rises out of the jungle like a forgotten mirage, displaying some of the most spectacular architecture in the region while also blending into the natural surroundings.

Linked by an enchanting wooden bridge that hangs delicately above, the design of Coqui Coqui Coba is comprised of two symmetrical limestone towers that feature outdoor dipping pools, lounge areas and two suites.

What makes this Kobu?

what makes this Kobu?

The Style

Clearly inspired by the rich Mayan heritage of Coba, this Coqui Coqui has more of an indigenous feel compared to the group's other locations. Gone is the Hispanic colonial touches and instead a fresh invite into all that is Mayan. The stylings are both bohemian and rustic but still hold onto that monochrome pallet Coqui Coqui has become known for.

The Design

The two buildings that make up Coqui Coqui Coba have been designed to obey the ancient techniques of the Mayans. With the addition of some stunning modern add-ons, of course. The combination of indigenous rock walls and glass that reflects the surrounding water truly makes this hotel a design dream.

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