Cozy Pillow – Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands, From £81


Just moments walk from the canal in Utrecht's bijou city centre; Cozy Pillow is a homely boutique hotel in which to form a base in the Netherlands best alternative city. With only six bedrooms, unique in style, shape and character you're set to kick off your Utrecht experience with a fashionable start.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


There is no Cozy Pillow without FRED. The boutique storefront acts as a reception for this hidden hotel. The shop specialises in stylish and unique clothes and homeware, making it impossible to skip past on your way upstairs.

The Design

Cozy's residential vibes create a soft and comfortable feeling about the hotel, with splashes of creativity that styles out the period features. The rooms in the eaves and the grand high windows in the suites below remind you of classical Dutch architecture, while the bursts of colour and eclectic items dotted around the rooms remind us of that warm dutch sense of humour.

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