Dexamenes – Greece

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In ancient times, the Ionian Sea was a common battleground between Greece and Rome due to its highly sought after trade routes. These continue to hold importance to this day, and this is reflected in the architecture of the surrounding area. Dexamenes Seaside Hotel, for example, showcases the Greek trading history on this stretch of the Peloponnesian coast.

A former wine factory has been beautifully revived by K-Studio, the double architectural and design firm. They have brilliantly restored the many wine tanks, preserving the industrial roots of this 35 room hotel. Its unique location next to the sea - given its first use as a winery - is because the ships could easily dock, and have wine pumped directly onto them. Because of this, guests can enjoy the beach and sea, just steps away.

The historically industrial elements are contrasted with carefully engineered glass partitions, and polished terrazzo floors. As a result, Dexamenes demonstrates a perfect blending of history with modern luxurious design. The rooms themselves follow the layouts of the wine tanks, creating a completely unique stay. In doing this, owner Nikos Karaflos has magically preserved history by transforming a once derelict structure into one of the most attractive hotels in Greece.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Palette

The visionary owner, alongside K-Studio, allowed the buildings themselves to dictate the overall palette. As a result, only elements that would compliment the beautifully brutalist aesthetic were used. This meant concrete, steel timber and engineered glass were the defining elements of the overall palette, through up cycling as many of these as possible.

The Plate

Food at Dexamenes is another experience, in and of itself. Their culinary philosophy is guided by three elements; local, seasonal, and conscious. As a result, Dexamenes works with environmentally conscious young farmers, aiming to transform the way food is created, breaking away from the typically cruel mass market food industry. Guests here can enjoy the finest local menus, with ingredients sourced from the immediate area.

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