Dimora delle Balze – Sicily

Noto, Italy, From £290


Dimora Delle Balze is a place where the history of the architecture, surrounding nature and contemporary aesthetics captivate the mind, body and soul. An estate with a comfortable and stylish design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It's the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.

Within the age-old walls of this country estate lives something special. An aura of purest relaxation. Remove yourself from the outside world within the courtyard gardens here. Wake up early to take a dip in the large pool. Or find a shady spot under the olive trees to connect yourself with the nature that surrounds you.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The ethos

The people behind Dimora Delle Balze are passionate about the cultural heritage of this land. Like all patriotic Italians (and especially Sicilians) they have a lot to be thankful for - rich roots tied to art, architecture, food and history. Dimora Delle Balze offers tours and experiences that showcase the stories of this island and peel back the layers to connect you with Sicily.

The design

Eclectic baroque features meet retro furnishings, bohemian touches and rustic Italian country-house design within this former ruin. The inspired combination of all these elements takes us on a complex but harmonious design narrative through Dimora Delle Balze that feels calm, clean and effortless.

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