ELIVI – Skiathos

Skiathos, Greece, From £140


On the beautiful island of the Sporades, in a protected paradise, creation of nature, a 5-star hotel complements the landscape harmoniously and offers unparalleled services in inspired facilities. ELIVI SKIATHOS, located where the old Xenia once stood (hotels once famous for their chosen location and their architectural excellence) enjoys the fame of the past and becomes a 5-star hotel in Skiathos, the emerald island of the Sporades, with its lush vegetation and reflection to the turquoise waters, with respect to history and the natural environment.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Inspired by Greek heritage, modern luxury and nature, Elivi is the perfect place to reconnect with history and the environment, and has been designed to do just so. Crisp interiors work as to not distract from what is important here, your surroundings, while also adding a luxurious and contemporary feel with stylish furnishings and eclectic art.

The Sustainability

The complete renovation of the hotel and number of years back meant that the owners had the opportunity to start anew and implement eco-friendly building techniques and materials as not to disrupt the surrounding wildlife.

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