Encanto Acapulco – Guerrero

Acapulco, Mexico, From £168


Here is a shelter created by local hands, contained by the jungle environment, the bay, and the constant changes of colour in the sky that watches over the open sea of the Pacific. Encanto Acapulco is a fully realised space with infinite visual perspectives and a shelter enriched by the harmony of architecture with nature.

Here, the rooms seek to generate an emotional sensation of wellbeing; hence, the heavens and sea are showcased by the huge floor to ceiling windows and doors. Indeed, it would be hard to find something as elemental or liberating as the divine blue skies and vivid sunsets at Mar Adentro.

What makes this Kobu?

what makes this Kobu?

The Design

The very non-accidental design that incorporated the changing elements was a concept envisioned by Miguel Angel Aragonés. He dreamt of a hotel that is created in human proportions, complemented by the architecture’s harmony with the surrounding environment. The perception of space and the all-white architectural structure is very deliberately transformed at will by the passage of the sun. The ever-changing natural light reconfigures spaces to illuminate others and cast shadows in places that were basked in light just moments before.

The Water

A vast labyrinth of pools, whose exits open and finish off in the ocean, create a seamless flow through the resort. It is a game where everything was designed to generate a continuous drive by the sea; to make those who inhabit it look for and find the exit, always reach it with the look, catch it.

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