Estuary Cabin – Out of the Valley

Bespoke, From £38,000
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The Estuary Cabin stands as an example of what a carefully dreamt up cabin could, and should, look like.

The cabin’s charred cedar exterior is an exceptional reference to the history of sea trade in the UK, and has been created using the Japanese shou-sugi ban technique. Its engineered corner-less cantilever makes it perfect to take advantage of a view.

Inside, the chosen interior is band-sawn English oak, creating a striking contrast. As well as this, Out of the Valley continue along their vein of sustainable and local building by placing their wood burning stove on hand-hewn Cornish granite.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Beauty is often in the details. Rupert McKelvie - the Out of the Valley mastermind - has created a perfect marriage between functionality, aesthetics, and impressiveness. His previous career in furniture design shines through.

The Sustainability

Key to the KOBU ethos is sustainability. The Estuary Cabin hits this nail on the head, from the materials to the construction techniques. These cabins are built on a small scale, providing the opportunity to constantly try new methods to ensure they're always made in the most sustainable way possible.

United Kingdom