Freehand – Chicago

Chicago, USA. From £38


Freehand pride themselves on creating places for people to come together, surrounded by top-notch food, awesome cocktails, and friendly vibes. They combine the social culture of a hostel with innovative design, award-winning food and beverage, and a community-driven atmosphere.

All rooms are designed by Roman and Williams and feature comfortable bedding, linens and en-suite bathrooms. Their state-of-the-art accommodation provides the quintessential home away from home.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Roman and Williams have recreated a kind of classic American look where Western styles marry in perfect harmony with Native American design features (if only this were synonymous with history). Bold, colourful prints and textures on a neutral canvas play effortlessly with the residential feel of the hotel.

The Ethos

The Freehand mentality is one of inviting conversation, interacting with strangers and finding common ground. The friendly staff sets the precedent, and we all know a smile can be infectious. The common areas in the hotel encourage you to share your space with others, in a calm yet vibrant atmosphere.

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