Golden Crown Levin Iglut – Kittilä

Kittilä, Finland, From £262


Spending the night in Levi Igloos is magical. As well as the spectacular view, the glass igloos also provide a surprisingly spacious interior with high-level amenities. You can drift off to sleep in a luxurious warm bed on the fell slope while admiring the starry arctic sky – you do not even have to leave the igloo during your stay if you do not want to.

Each of the igloos feature electrically heated non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a small kitchen, shower and toilet, a wi-fi connection and motorized beds, which you can adjust to the desired position for watching the northern lights or sleeping.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


You're staying in Finnish Lapland, almost as high up the country as you can go. Ski there by day. Return by night to take advantage of the glass igloos by curling up under thick blankets to watch the stars come out one by one.

The beds

Of course, one of the hotel's biggest draws is to see the Northern Lights. The people at Golden Crown have developed the most comfortable way of viewing them: from your motorised bed. Adjust it to your ideal position and get comfortable as the show starts.

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