Harbour View house

St Ives, Cornwall, From £74
Eco 1-2


Commanding unrivalled views of the iconic harbour at St Ives, this hotel with its ground floor coffee shop is an ideal place to relax in this popular Cornish hotspot. Understated yet sophisticated bedrooms ultimately allows the focus to be on their views of turquoise tides, golden sands and sea-sprayed buildings. In the café, local artwork and photography adorn the walls, vintage floorboards and elegant tiles enhance the floor and the aroma of fresh coffee brewed from a classic Italian espresso machine floats on the air.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Sustainability

All of the furniture inside the café at harbour view house has been sourced second hand, repurposed or hand-crafted in-house, part of the overall ethos of sustainable design.

The View

In simple terms, Harbour View House is exactly what it claims to be. In a town famous for many things from its art history to its fishing traditions, the harbour has always been at the very core of its identity. Nowhere else will you find a space that offers a uniquely unobstructed image of the harbour that showcases its grandeur in such a way.

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