Historical Apartment – Palma

Palma, Mallorca, £607,000


Just off the cobbled streets of one of Palma's oldest neighbourhoods, a magnificent courtyard opens up. Head up the stairs, and a thick oak door welcomes you to this exceptional 17th- century apartment. A home full of character and historical features.

The living room opens up to six-metre-high ceilings with original doors opening out on a wide terrace overlooking the courtyard. The three-storey home is a rare piece of history with classical features that make this apartment truly special.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Courtyard

Centred around a gothic and leafy courtyard the apartment’s outside space features a terrace overlooking the cool and peaceful enclosure, a private and personal connection to the history of this ancient town.

The History

The classical and rustic features are a huge part of why we love this apartment. Brilliantly preserved wooden beams, tiles floors and fireplaces are all nods to Palma’s antiquity and only add to the apartment’s charm and character.