Hotel Desertica – San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, From £217


Desertica was built on an old Atacameño orchard, surrounded by pepper trees, chañares and carob trees. With just 12 rooms, this boutique hotel was designed to offer you a variety of spaces. If you want to share with people from different parts of the world, enjoy the lounge. If the idea is to rest, the pool and our magical corners will be waiting for you.

Each corner of the desert is designed to evoke different emotions and connect with the local culture. The circular rooms, inspired by pre-Hispanic Atacameño buildings, are decorated to provide you comfort and warmth. Also in the common spaces, the use of noble materials blends with local colours and textures.

Feeling at home thousands of miles from home is possible. The warmth of the staff and the personalized attention you will receive at all times will make Desertica a permanent part of your memories.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Impact

Desertica Hotel is aware of the fragility of the environment in which they can be found. They understand the importance of operating as an agent of change, improvement and development of San Pedro de Atacama. That is why they are committed to operating with high-quality standards to ensure the hotel is respecting both the ground it sits upon and the community it serves.

The Community

The report is dedicated to respecting the local community, especially indigenous people and providing equal employment opportunities to members of the local community without any discrimination. Their aim is to stimulate the local economy, privileging local suppliers by sourcing all produce locally. They also are passionate about caring for natural resources, making efficient use of water and energy resources as well as favouring environmentally friendly products.

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