Hotel Mono – Singapore

Singapore, From £78


Hotel Mono is a chic hideaway set in six historical shophouses of modern design. The beautifully rejuvenated buildings retain original charm with characteristic stairwells and Rococo-era windows, slipping into traditional Singapore and interweaving with the city's urban bustle.

Designed for the discerning traveller, each of the forty-six rooms offers stylish comfort and rest from the city’s buzz. Lighting bars frame the walls to brighten each room. Clean lines and neutral colours carefully enhance the minimalist beauty of each space.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


Hotel Mono takes over a series of shophouses on Mosque Street, in Singapore's Chinatown. These traditional buildings once had shops at street level and living quarters above. Note the name. Take a walk around the area, and you'll see some are still used for retail, while many have been transformed into private homes or hotels like Mono.

Mono by name

Originally, these buildings were - and still, are - brightly painted. Mono defies tradition in its absolute refusal of colour. The hotel is a beautiful example of the trend across many Asian cities to merge old ideas and spaces with thoroughly modern concepts.

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