Self-Build, From £17,000
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The Bunkie Co models are available for building and shipping worldwide.

Using small space architecture, The Bunkie Co offers a wide variety of modern prefabricated cabins to suit your lifestyle. A queen-sized wall bed, modular cabinetry, ethanol burning fireplace and detachable seating can be arranged any way you like. When everything is folded back into the walls, the space can be used for a variety of activities, games, movies, or even yoga.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


A minimalist’s dream, The Bunkie Co combines small space architecture and simplicity with the feeling of home. The modern cabin comprises a standing seam steel metal panelling and Maple veneer plywood interior panels, giving character whilst keeping plenty of flex space to cater for whatever your needs may be.

The Manufacturing

We are avid fans of The Bunkie Co’s ability to use forefront technologies to give each model superior structural strength and ease of assembly, without compromising aesthetics. Models are prefab and can be assembled with simple tools and practical step-by-step instructions within a matter of days.