IO House

Self Build, From £203,000
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The SPACE by IO House is a modern living solution requiring absolutely nothing from the “grid.” All the utilities you need are integrated and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating and wifi. A smart device is all that is required to monitor and manage your living experience. The perfect fusion of technology and design, The SPACE weekend or holiday home provides you with the flexibility to live independently and free.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


The SPACE by IO House offers you the most advanced conveniences of modern life with the smallest ecological footprint. Constructed from premium materials, the quality of the build and the nature-friendly design create a comfortable and environmentally sensitive living space.
Every modern convenience has been incorporated into the home, creating a house that has the look and feel of a luxury super yacht. Truly ahead of its time, IO House’s vision represents the future of sustainable living and harmonious comfort. The SPACE by IO House sets a new living standard for all forward-thinking people.


The SPACE by IO House is designed for people who value beautiful, natural locations. With our integrated technology and self-sustained systems, you can position your new house by a lake or a river, in the middle of the woods or even on the slope of a hill. Meadows or mountains, forests or fjords – live wherever your heart takes you. The SPACE is specially designed for easy moving and adaptability.