Keemala – Phuket

Phuket, Thailand, From £364


You're invited to experience an all pool-villa wonderland in the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket. Keemala's philosophy is to offer experiences that enhance your quality of life. For fun seekers, the resort is close enough to Kamala and Patong beaches and all the dynamic action that Phuket has to offer. Yet it's far enough removed to step back and take time to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the rainforest. The spa treatments, holistic programs, gastronomic choices, activities and magical villas and cottages all promise to be beyond enchanting.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


Keemala understands the importance of preserving the surrounding natural ecosystems. The resort proudly supports Kamala Green Club, a non-profit that ensures the Kamala beach is kept rubbish-free, by participating in their monthly beach clean-up. The hotel also adopts practices to ensure complete sustainability from sourcing local produce and growing their own, to strictly vetting partners used for animal excursions.


The villas are inspired by the dwellings historically linked with the four ancient clans of Kamala. Each represents different people and their design style. On the inside, the designers have managed to incorporate contemporary touches while still keeping a few subtle nods to the local heritage.

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