Kirkenes Snowhotel and Cabins – Bjørnevatn

Bjørnevatn, Norway, From £510


Snowhotel Kirkenes opened in 2006 with eight rooms and a small icebar (and a reindeer). It's now the most famous igloo hotel in Norway.

In the winter, the hotel is built completely of snow and ice. Each spring, the hotel melts back into the fjord. Come summer, you can stay in cabins that are inspired by 'gamme' - traditional hunting and fishing huts. All idyllically placed with the forest and mountains behind you and the arctic fjord in front.

What makes this Kobu?

what makes this Kobu?

The architecture

The little cabins dotted across the Norwegian landscape look like enormous logs. Which is the exact effect Snowhotel Kirkenes wanted. The idea was for them to blend effortlessly surroundings. They've done it using materials found in the natural environment and creating huge domed windows that reflect the sky and surrounding forest.

The food

Huge king crabs caught that day. Dried herbs from the kitchen garden. Homemade berry jam. The concept of the hotel's restaurant is to serve only short-travelled food. Which is a cause we can always get behind.

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