La Donaira – Andalucía

Montecorto, Spain, From £590


La Donaira is an organic farm, equestrian centre and discreetly luxurious eco-retreat set high in the Serranía de Ronda, Andalucía. It offers accommodation in nine individually-designed rooms. La Donaira will inspire conversations about smart design and architecture, the arts, farming in the modern age and human's role in the natural world.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Farmland Chic

There's no getting away from the barn-style architecture. Why would you want to? They create the perfect dichotomy of old and new, antique industrial and modern minimalism. The pool is housed in one of these pitched ceiling barns. The dark walls and waters lit with an evergreen light are ideal for this old building. Swim to the end where a window has been cut out to give that infinity pool feel.

Farm Philosophy

La Donaira is a polyculture farm. Meaning that they imitate the diversity of natural ecosystems using organic farming techniques. The farm consists of 1,700 acres, that houses both livestock and ecologically sensible produce. Their aim is to integrate permaculture into hoteling by serving as much of their own produce as possible.

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