LOLA the Cam(p)era Van – London

Sold, London, United Kingdom, £16,950


Totally off-grid, this luxury apartment on wheels is easily the most beautiful conversion you will find. Designed to keep a simple and unassuming look from the outside, the van is perfect for stealth camping, with a light and airy living space that easily transforms from lounge by day, to boutique bedroom by night, with minimal effort.

As well as a lovely camper, Lola is also a giant pin-hole camera on wheels, perfect for the travelling photography enthusiast or anyone who loves the outdoors. Wake up in the morning and open the aperture to activate the ‘moving wallpaper’ which turns the entire space into a giant camera obscura.

Walk on clouds upside down, with walls bathed in blue waves crashing around the room and sea glitter lighting up your kitchen. Literally, a unique piece of artwork wherever she goes, you won’t find another motorhome like this.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Concept

We absolutely adore the idea that you can wake up one morning, decide to hit the road and know that wherever you end up, you have a slice of heaven just behind the driver’s seat, ready for you to take refuge in. With Lola, the adventure really never has to end and, although all roads lead to Rome, with Lola you’re bound to find brand new destinations to enjoy as you travel along the way.

The Comfort

Although the outside is inconspicuous, as soon as you step inside Lola, you might as well be inside a boutique European hotel room. With plush interiors, attention to detail and an array of cosy-creature-comforts on offer, Lola is really revolutionising living on the road. Take snugness and style with you wherever you go as you journey out to the world waiting for you.

United Kingdom