Maglemosevej – Charlottenlund

For Sale, £2,890,000


The north coast of Denmark holds a historic gem, playing host to several historical figures throughout the year. As a result, this municipality has become one of the most sought after locations in Denmark.

Home to famed sculptor, Axel Poulsen, this listing offers the rare opportunity to own an untouched slice of artistic history. Its creation was done in homage to the Museo Duomo Opera, in Florence, Italy. As a result, the space is captivating, and stands as almost certainly the largest private sculptor's studio in the country.

Throughout this vast abode, light floods in through the many original features first added in 1918. Brought to the market by Danish firm Bjørn & Byskov, it's a rare opportunity to make a mark on an equally uncommon space.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Statues

Works of original occupant Axel Poulson still occupy the grounds of the property. The kissing statue, for example, is hidden in the monastery garden, providing a rare opportunity to live amongst art history.

The Build

Axel and his wife Elisabeth set about building most of the property themselves. They mainly did this with recycled materials, as well as their own blacksmithing, carvings, murals and furniture. The work they created together has stood the test of time and presents a rare opportunity for a new occupant.