Mollie’s Motel – Oxfordshire

Mollie's Motel, Oxfordshire, UK, From £65


SOHO House & Co continue along the vein of providing incredible properties. Mollie’s Motel in Faringdon, the historic market town in Oxfordshire, is the newest addition to the repertoire under the watchful eye of boss Nick Jones.

Inspired by the past popularity of the classic American diner, Mollie’s works as a motel, diner, drive-thru and general store. All of this aims to transform roadside accommodation, brining together affordability and style. An incredibly well thought out motel, in the beautiful British countryside.

The rooms themselves have been carefully created, with the care and attention to detail expected from the Soho House & Co team. Here, they have perfectly used wood panelling, with contrasting dark fixtures, reserving the classically retro aesthetic for other areas.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Unsurprisingly, the design team here have added the Soho House & Co aesthetic, revamping the idea of a diner, whilst still retaining the true essence of one. The rooms separate themselves from the retro public spaces, providing a very welcome dual experience.

The Food

A diner hosts all the culinary favourites one would expect. Even so, the chefs here use the highest quality ingredients to take them to their greatest level, like the surrounding aesthetic. However, if time is of the essence, the drive-thru provides the perfect pit stop.

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