Nobu Hotel Shoreditch – London

London, United Kingdom, From £220


The Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch offers guests a unique city escape. Its 148 rooms and suites are all beautifully designed, blending the raw creative energy of East London with the luxury of the Nobu brand.

Located in between the artsy hub of East London’s cultural district and the bustling city centre, this is a place where guests can truly enjoy the best of both worlds. Squeeze the city's fruits and drink up its sweet nectar.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Design

Both inside and out, the Nobu Hotel is a striking example of East meets West architectural design. The interiors have been jointly inspired by a reverence for modern elegance found in the western hemisphere's iconic cities and a minimalistic simplicity synonymous with the far east. Both come together perfectly to create tranquil and sophisticated spaces. Meanwhile, the exterior of the property asserts itself as an architectural force making its own impact on the city.

The Food

Made famous for feeding a star-studded clientele in the Hollywood Hills, Nobu's restaurant here in Shoreditch steadily lives up to reputation. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, has been influenced by Japanese cuisine and committed to a diverse celebration of flavours in his food. Here, you’ll find the classics, but also some unique plates inspired by the creativity and vibrancy of the local area.

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