Numeroventi Design Residency – Florence

Florence, Italy, From £170


Numeroventi’s lofts feature exhibitions and art pieces produced by artists and designers that have been a part of the residency programs that take place in the building. By staying with here, you will support the artist-in-residence program of Florence.

At Numeroventi they have created a peaceful retreat from the velocity of modern day life, located in the heart of Florence within the historic Palazzo Galli Tassi – dated 1510.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Stillness

Numeroventi provides residents with a total sense of tranquillity. Retreat from the busy, bustling city streets and find a moment of peace and stillness in the cool and airy design of these apartments. The minimalism of these interiors gives you the freedom and space to focus and get back to exploring your mind and work.

The Synthesis

Every element of these apartments, from the steps to the sofas, the fireplaces to the picture frames, have been carefully chosen to create a seamless blend of aesthetic and atmosphere. Each component of these apartments invigorates the sense of cohesion and calm they tender to their guests.

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