Omaanda – Ondekaremba

Windhoek, Namibia, From £575


Just ten huts, inspired by traditional Owambo architecture, in the very heart of a 9,000 hectare, private animal reserve. This is the Omaanda hotel. The majestic beauty of the Namibian savannah is all around. You can choose to experience it from the luxury of the heated infinity swimming pool or up close on a safari.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Nature reserve

Together, Zannier Hotels and the Namibian N/a'an ku sê Foundation have created the stunning reserve where Omaanda sits. They work to conserve and regulate the indigenous flora and fauna, protect the biodiversity of the area and prevent the extinction endangered species.

African antiques

The attention to the design of every hut is inspiring. Built with the thatched roof and distinctive round corners of traditional Namibian abodes, inside you’ll find rare items that take you on a journey through the local traditions and culture.

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