Onar – Andros

Andros Town, Greece, From £174


With respect to the protected park of the Ahla wetlands and inspired by nature itself, ONAR is a small settlement of 10 traditional cottages next to the river and the plane trees. The cottages are designed and constructed in harmony with the surroundings to put you in touch with nature.

The cottages showcase the silent beauty of Cycladic architecture and are made exclusively of natural materials: local stone, wood and river reeds. Large windows allow the daylight in, provide coolness during summer nights and give the sense of being outdoors.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Quiet spots

One of the things about renting a self-contained cottage is the absolute tranquillity — the sound of nothing but nature and your own footsteps. ONAR’s stone cottages and their surrounding gardens have nooks and crannies, terraces and hammocks, for all those quiet moments.

No distractions

The stone cottages feature minimal furniture. White and earthy colours are used, so nothing distracts from what's important here: complete relaxation. Clean lines and comfort are the inspiration for these cottages. The design is also practical - the cottages keep cool in the Andros heat.

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