Orchid House – Tulum

Tulum, Mexico, From £97


Orchids always stand in the centre of this hotel, it is through these species that we seek to speak of the immense biodiversity and cultural heritage that this country is home to.

Clothe yourself in the brightness of the selva maya, a few minutes from the white sandy beaches and tropical turquoise waters of our beautiful Mexican Caribbean.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Angles

Orchid House is truly a higgledy-piggledy paradise. Because of the fantastic assortment of angles, there are hundreds of secret little crevices and hideaway places, throughout the property, for you to sneak off to and catch a quiet moment for yourself.

The Nature

Built-in and around the buzzing jungle, Orchid house is a place which has the natural world at its core. From the luscious greenery which can be found springing out all around the poolside, to the rolling views which span out from the beautiful bedrooms and onto the mysterious Mexican jungle, here, two worlds, of luxury and wilderness, collide in a breathtaking and surprisingly harmonious way.

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