Palazzo Dama – Rome

Rome, Italy, From £259


The Palazzo Dama is where refinement meets comfort. It creates an intimate oasis where guests can relax and recharge. Each environment has been conceived to offer an experience of contemporary style: collections of worldly objects, art, prints by noted photographers and rare art and design books imbue every space with its own distinctive history. The interiors are in restful shades of blue and delicate greens that reflect the hotel’s signature palette.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Opulence

This magnificent Palazzo Dama oozes opulence. It's covered from head to toe in gorgeous fabrics, littered with glittering chandeliers and dotted with an array of ornate furnishings.

The Colours

A beautifully refreshing range of greens and blues spread themselves throughout the Palazzo Dama, adding an airy and bright feel to the incredible city property. The consistent and captivating colour scheme established a wonderful vitality within the hotel and seems to encourage a sense of serenity to settle within these beautiful Italian walls.

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