Pod 39 – New York

New York, USA, From £106


​The hunt for a cool yet budget-friendly place to drop your bags in NYC is finally over. Centrally located, socially connected, and uber tech-savvy, Pod 39 Hotel offers up a fun, friendly travel experience at the epicentre of Murray Hill.

Step past the landmark Northern Italian Renaissance façade to find the first of many surprises: the bright, buzzing lobby that’s all about connectivity – be it to the city, the staff, or your fellow urban nomads. The Pod Concierge Team stands ready to put you at ease and on the right track to whatever it is you’ve come to see and do in this city.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Contrast

The wide-open communal spaces in this vibrant hotel are simply packed full of colour and contrast. Admire twinkling fairy lights in the outdoor bar, sink into the sofas surrounded by secret and seductive furnishings or relax read your book by the window seats as the sound of the city pours in. Whatever you’re looking, for Pod 39 is sure to have it on offer in an entirely unexpected way.

The Community

We adore the fact that Pod 39 creates a space which really values integration and expansion of communities. Grab some tacos on the roof with friends, challenge someone to a table tennis tournament in the games room, or head out to the Rockefeller centre just a short walk away; whatever you’re keen to do, you’re sure to find the best people to do it with at Pod 39.

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