Sacromonte Landscape Hotel – El Eden

El Edén, Uruguay, From £300
Eco 1-2


Sacromonte is an invitation to contemplate a dazzling landscape, to be embraced by nature and to discover the Uruguayan indigenous forest in its purest state. Sacromonte is wine, vineyards, landscape, architecture and sustainability, all in perfect synchrony. Sacromonte is, in short, an invitation to experience sensations in a natural and remote environment, where sophistication and rudimentary coexist in harmony in every detail.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


The people at Sacromonte have put a lot of thought into their environmental strategy. A fundamental part of it is the respectful use of resources, the development of organic gardens, the use of renewable energy, ecological systems for treating waste and excellent agricultural practices.

Lighter tread

You'll be staying in a pop-up cabin designed by MAPA, a huge name in the self-build world. Their buildings are designed to both blend with the natural environment and stand-out architecturally. They're also sustainably built using materials that are reusable, recyclable and have a little impact on the Earth as possible.

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