Sandat Glamping Tents – Bali

Ubud, Indonesia, From £173


Magnificent safari-style tents and traditional thatched houses are surrounded by the tropical landscape of Bali. The Sandat Glamping has just eight of these eco-design structures. So you can savour the exotic charm of an uncontaminated place surrounded by nature, in an environment that’s sophisticated and luxurious.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

Founders' story

Sandat’s Italian owners, Emanuela and Federico, aren’t new to glamping. They opened their first resort in Italy in 2009. When their passion for travel, nature and the unconventional brought them to Bali, they were inspired to transport their successful model to the island.


The tents and huts are designed to have no impact on the green rice fields that border the resort. Materials such as sustainable wood and bamboo are used throughout. With furniture and furnishings carefully sourced from ethical suppliers.

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