Sauna Cabin – Out of the Valley

Bespoke, From £65,000
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The Finnish masterminds behind the advent of the sauna always hold favour with us. Thankfully though, we don’t have to go through the same trials and tribulations. The work has been done, it’s now time to enjoy the spoils of our heated existence.

Masters of cabin creation have done it again with their Sauna Cabin. Out of the Valley have a carefully chosen palette of natural materials that will age like George Clooney. Over time, the Sauna Cabin will transform beautifully.

In order to capture the essence of the chosen location, a generous gable window has been included so those basking in the glory of the sauna can get up close and personal with nature, and its picturesque beauty.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Sustainability

Like all their creations, Out of the Valley ensures their cabins have the lowest possible impact on the environment. In every cabin, expect carefully chosen materials that have been locally sourced, as well as a unique process for them to be completely hand-built.

The Affordable Luxury

Even just a few years ago having your own sauna was limited by quite a few factors, with space and price leading the charge. The missing ingredient was Out of the Valley and their bespoke spaces, as they offer the opportunity to own private luxury that shows its value in a place previously unconsidered.

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