Sublime Comporta – Comporta

Comporta, Portugal, From £855


Nestled on a stunning 17 hectare estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines and cork trees, wild sand dunes, stunning rice fields and over 60km of pristine, white-sand beaches is Sublime Comporta - a magical, unspoiled place yet to be discovered.

Only one hour from a European capital, here wildlife is abundant, time seems to stand still and one has the possibility to experience all that is genuine and authentic. Rich in cultural heritage, with a welcoming local population, great foods and wines, Sublime Comporta offers a combination of tranquillity and simplicity that is both addictive and inspiring, reminding us of the magic of experiencing more with less.

Here, a breathtaking natural environment comes together with the elegance of contemporary architecture and décor and achieves the perfect balance between design, comfort and respect for nature and its surroundings.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Sustainability

Solar panels are used for heating hot water in villas as well as in the main building the Spa building, and the Guest Suites. These are also used for underfloor heating as well as to heat the waters of the swimming pools. The hotel uses mainly led lighting systems. Sublime is 100% autonomous with regard to drinking water and watering. Our wastewater treatment system (WWTP) also allows us to obtain water of sufficient quality to be used in irrigation. We also have a mini Etar for treatment of water.

The Architecture

The design of the hotel gives precedence to the selection of sustainable materials that have the least impact on the surrounding nature. Only the central block of many of the villas have a basement, the rest are built on stilts (lower impact build), in addition, to avoid cutting down trees, many of the villas have actual trees built in them. The creation of a minimalist environment, with floor to ceiling windows in which nature plays the leading role, is also key in raising awareness for a sustainability attitude.

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