Tainaron Blue Retreat – Vathia

Vathia, Greece, From £156


Surrounded by a beautiful landscape and breathtaking views, Tainaron Blue Retreat welcomes its guests offering excellent cuisine combined with impeccable service and warm hospitality. Unwind and rejuvenate amid nature with a glass of wine, enjoying the unobstructed view in one of the most exciting locations in Greece.

This three-roomed boutique hotel boasts stunning panoramic views of the southernmost slope of Taygetos mountain and the sea. Perfectly situated in an idyllic location, it is an ideal place to watch the magical sunset over the sea or witness the serene beauty of a new day dawning.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?


The stone tower is a perfectly restored example of 19th-century defence on the Mani coast. The former ruin was once a beacon of defence during times of turmoil. Many similar structures can be found along the coastline.

Mini hotel restoration

The extensive and sympathetic restoration of this tower came at no small price for the people behind Tainaron. Like all love stories, they start with a vision, meet obstacles and end in happily ever after. Maintaining the traditional structure while incorporation border facilities and touches proved challenging, but we are so grateful they did, this mini-hotel is truly special.

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