The Arctic Hideaway – Nordland

Nordland, Norway, From £180


Head north to experience this tiny hotel, tumbling from sea to sky. Four, private, sleeping houses and five social spaces, all connected by sea spray and arctic light.

Whether you take to this small Nordic archepelego for adventure or for serenity, this is a chance to strip back life beyond the islands and embrace all it is and does.

What makes this Kobu?

What makes this Kobu?

The Remoteness

This is a small island retreat, which means there are no shops, no cars, no deliveroo, no dangerous animals and no stress. The resort has a small pantry shop with a range of ingredients for your culinary needs but beyond that, there is nothing else to enjoy other than unfiltered nature.

The Story

Having first bought this Arctic estate in 2004, the owners began to piece together their vision for this piece of land. The first few years of the project entailed digging with spoons and forks (metaphorical of course) before meeting Yashar & Andreas from TYIN architects in 2013, and Sami Rintala from RintalaEggertson architecture. Suddenly, with these prestigious architects on the team, the real project could begin. With the help of many more collaborators, designs and artisans, there are now ten small houses in this little village.

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